Bitter shackl’d I to the unknown
When the promise of today is gone
For tomorrow she ain’t written yet
An’ Night’s moon’s laughin’ fit to burn

And as daily pains I do wish begone
In bleedin’ scratches on my soul
By the livin’ Gawd above I pray
To lift my heart from burnin’ coals

So to all you out, about, around
Unsure about the comin’ night
That mornin’s gift may be somethin’ more
Than ordinary, warmin’ light

And wherever winds may blow you next
Before your time ‘as made retire
Proudly shout, puff out yer chest
For to fightin’ sick is brave, if dire

An whether circle, words, or lover’s touch
Somethin’ sure will cure you still
But until that day, whenever be
You Sisyphus, move e’er up the hill



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