Hate, as defined by a Laborious Lexicon In League With Lunacy

Hate: -noun. What's said to fill the hearts who cross a head that's full of  air.

I said to her, 
'Your use of "hate"
'Would make Kafka white with fear!'

And she replied,
'In gender studies
'We know no nazis here!'

'You see, with Hate,' 
She'd elucidate
'Is never ever good!'

'And you (you swine!)
'Dare to say it's my 
'Vision that's obscured!'

'You claim that Mars ain't Venus,
'You say that wrong ain't right,
'Lie an' say you judge by soul alone 
'And not by it's paints and stripes!'
'You think just like a bigot!
'I know of what I speak-
'Depart from me! I must go!
'To plunder in the name of Peace!'


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