Problematic, as defined by The Whispers of a Madman Amongst All the Blood and Copper Wire

Problematic, adj.: A term appended to a benign, and typically beloved aspect or product of a culture, with the aim of making it shunned by, and unpalatable to society. The term is most often utilized in the following scenarios:

1) As an attempt to stain said product or aspect as either “bigoted” or “phobic” utilizing a distinct lack of knowledge and an overabundance of stupidity;

2) As a metaphorical dog whistle to whip up into a frenzy a confederacy of frothing idiots whose only capacity for joy lies in the denigration of things they are too lazy to research and, ultimately, too dense to comprehend.


“The Producers is seriously problematic, it celibrates[sic] Hitler! Mel Brooks is a literal Nazi!!!”

– XxXAnarKi$$ed666XxX


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