By Torchlight

By Torchlight

The Lesser Evils schemed,
Chitter-planned throughout the night,
‘Let’s call us forth a greater Evil;
‘We’ll invoke Compassion’s Blight!’
‘Then after all our enemies
‘Are stomped into the earth,
‘In the afterglow of madness,
‘We will then re-confer.’

‘We’ll lock away the greater One,
‘Back in their polished cage;
‘When there’s no one left to question us,
‘We can finally turn the page.’
And so the Lesser Evils picked
Apart all we believed to be;
Called for swift destruction those
Opposed to “Social Sympathies”.

‘All the world’s a victim!
‘Save those that we’ve assessed,
‘To be marked with a sign of “Gulag”
‘The oppressors now oppressed!’
‘They’re problematic; simply guilty! Stained!
‘By Forefathers’ purple, reeking hands-
‘We’ve judged them by their Caucuses-
‘As the very worst of men!’


Last days all lost in brick-dust;
Blotted sky and choked us red-
‘Finally!’ (Squealed the Lessers), ‘See?’
‘There’s not one dissenter left!’
Having now their works completed,
With hollow tooth, and heathen tongues,
They tried and tried to un-inflict-
But Sickness’s work was done.

Their eyes then filled with darkness,
(Those so easy led astray)
Were now beyond all reason,
Empty heart, lizard of brain.
Those go-alongs, those hapless sheep,
Had grown sinewy into wolves;
Consumed the Lessers as they shrieked
Till bellies swollen, fattened, full.

Now the desert world’s beset by dark
(Dark, even when it’s light)
The broken ruins, a Jagged scar ‘Cross a veiled and weeping sky.
And all this because, by torchlight,
Some Lessers had decreed,
‘Damn God to his perdition-
Creation bends to me!’


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