Ithsuwarian Lullaby

Oh Kith and Kin in kind
Bone and blood of mine
We wish you the sweet freedom
Of the endless Wanderers' will

For every rainstorm, shelter
And for every Saint that's knelt here
Be a blessing upon your crown
Crushed orange blossoms fragrant still

For every seed, a harvest
For every tree, a forest
For such plenty do I pray
Delivered from above the blue

Eyes heavy, fall asleep now
By starlight, you will dream now
Of treasures in hidden places
Never by a mortal knew

But for now you're sleeping calmer
And we, your ma and father
Look upon thy little face
With pride in shapes of seraphs formed;

So sleep on, you little soldier
For when you grow quite older
There will come a time when
Dreams will seem less sweet

But you'll replace them in your waking
With your boldest undertakings
And with your spirit glowing
Bless the earth beneath your feet.

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