The Dark in the Night

It’s the song of gone-dark citiesPeopled only with bare bonesIt’s the scorch, post-detonationAnd the lingering of ghosts It’s the snow-shod, wailing sorrowsLamenting all that might have beenIt’s the exhaustion and the languorWhen one’s blood is running thin It’s the streets awash in crimsonWith its broken, lonely stonesIt’s a world, though bathed in starlightOne absent of […]

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Ithsuwarian Lullaby

Oh Kith and Kin in kindBone and blood of mineWe wish you the sweet freedomOf the endless Wanderers’ willFor every rainstorm, shelterAnd for every Saint that’s knelt hereBe a blessing upon your crownCrushed orange blossoms fragrant stillFor every seed, a harvestFor every tree, a forestFor such plenty do I prayDelivered from above the blueEyes heavy, […]

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By Torchlight

By Torchlight The Lesser Evils schemed,Chitter-planned throughout the night,‘Let’s call us forth a greater Evil;‘We’ll invoke Compassion’s Blight!’‘Then after all our enemies‘Are stomped into the earth,‘In the afterglow of madness,‘We will then re-confer.’ ‘We’ll lock away the greater One,‘Back in their polished cage;‘When there’s no one left to question us,‘We can finally turn the page.’And […]

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Said the Dove with Painful Flinches

The endless counted offenses(Which the sane regard non-senses)Reached the star-born EagleAs he perched above.’By words alone, you’re violent,’A Bigot and a Tyrant!’ Shouted from below himSome who broke a weeping dove.’I know not what you mean here,’Said the Eagle to the hear-ers,’You have had your say-so,’And in your parties formed-‘Did you not demand acceptance?’And has […]

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Psalm of the Patriot

Though the ghost of their failuresNow well up around usNow is no time to lose your nerve And though the shouting and wailingNow threaten to drown usAs the country, she cries, in great pain and great hurt Oh, once proud Raptor, what’s there to say?Your vision’s grown cloudy,Your Talons worn dull But in the great […]

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Problematic, as defined by The Whispers of a Madman Amongst All the Blood and Copper Wire

Problematic, adj.: A term appended to a benign, and typically beloved aspect or product of a culture, with the aim of making it shunned by, and unpalatable to society. The term is most often utilized in the following scenarios: 1) As an attempt to stain said product or aspect as either “bigoted” or “phobic” utilizing a […]

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Privilege, as defined by “An Oral History of the Second Civil War”

Privilege -n. 1) An evil inescapably inherent in one’s enemies that exists in oneself as only entitled virtue. 2) A fallacious process of assigning perceived benefits that exist only to make invalid any argument presented by one who is accused of possessing them. Eg. Ambulatory female who has not once eaten a three-tiered cake alone and […]

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