Companion Guide to Anondendron

There’s a place I’ve visited…

The place is Anondendron; it is not gone, but elsewhere. It seems real enough in my memories at least, a bit when I am in the bitter cold because that’s where my feet first met the land, and I warmed my numbed fingers against the grate of a meager hearth. And all spilled out from there, in the dancing shadows of a creaking port city.

It’s filled with gods and faiths; strife and struggle, and just enough of the fantastic to all at once doubt it’s existence, yet fervently pray it were real. I haven’t the time now to write all I know of that world, so I will post little scraps of words that have wandered from time out of mind to settle on my desk, which have been laid to rest behind my eyes.




Copyright Tommy Atkins



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