Updates as of July 22, 2018 New Book on Amazon

Updates as of July, 22nd 2018:

The Crown of Fools, Chapter 12 (As the chapters get longer, I will only post one every two days)


I self published a book of poetry on Amazon. It includes the three prose poems here.



Amazon sets the price, so I apologize if it seems high– it is not a reflection of an out of control ego, but rather the cost to produce the book, plus the cut Amazon takes, and the leftover goes to me. To give you an idea, do you remember when Jerry Seinfeld kept getting $2 and $3 royalty checks from China? It would be something like that. I will attempt a Kindle Publishing (my first try resulted in tragically appalling formatting).

This represents my first attempt to self publish; to get my feet we, so to speak as I am pitching the Crown of Fools to various publishers (fear not, I will continue to post it here for you to read for free, trying for a chapter or two every other day).

I ask those of you who enjoy my writing (or not, as the case may be) to please leave me feedback in the comments section at the end of each post praise or criticism, it doesn’t matter. You can also reach me at tommyatkins113@gmail.com .

Tommy R. Atkins


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